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Island Living CAS-Rooms!

Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2020

Are you bored with this everlasting blue-green background? Me too! So a few weeks ago, I did a little work on the behavior of the CAS and experimented a bit. At some point I started to make a plan how this new rooms should look like.

By the way: This is what the CAS world looks like without a background. A green meadow and a purple sky. I noticed later that they are textures from The Sims 3. The developers certainly used it at the beginning as the first source for the creation of the game.

The rooms from the former Sims games occurred to me. A fully modeled room with a few furnishings. That's what I wanted to do!

I set to work and created a new room with a sea view and some cool items out of the Island Living expansion pack. But some time passed before all the objects were successfully connected and the texture was not shifted at any point.

In total I created 4 new rooms with individual color schemes and varying object selections. How do you like them? Should I make more of them? I am looking forward to new suggestions for new rooms (or also for future Packs) in the comments

Share it with your friends or follow me on the social media to not miss any new mods. I wish you a lot of fun while playing. Bye-bye!

- Shayan

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