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StrangerVille & Selvadorada Fanart Maps - available now!

Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2020

Many have been waiting for today's post ... that's why I won't talk about it for long and get to the point quickly. I'm very happy to announce that today all world maps from The Sims 4 released so far have been implemented in the unique style of NoirSims, so that you can use them for your game!

With the tropical Selvadorada and the mysterious StrangerVille, we complete the list of available worlds for The Sims 4! But the developers aren't finished yet. We are on the lookout for new worlds and will of course continue the project when there are new maps in need of improvement. We also have some new ideas in mind... but that's still a secret. So stay tuned - it's going to be great!

Download the latest Fanart Maps

PS: If you like our work, we are pleased about your support. Whether on Patreon, or when you make a video, or just share it with your friends, we are grateful for any support.

The Sims 4 Fanart Maps

At this point I wanted to thank my absolutely talented friend NoirSims aka Filipe, with whom I have been working on this great project for more than half a year. I would also like to thank my friend Pain Sool, who kindly embellished the design of my posts and articles with self-created renders of the Sims.

Check their profiles! They are absolutely talented people! I've talked enough - Download the maps and start playing today! Have fun!

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