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DASSA Smart Speaker - available now!

Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2020

Equip the households of your Sims with a new virtual assistant!

Who needs Lin-Z? The new DASSA Smart Speaker from COWORK is exactly what your Sim needs! Talk to him, build a relationship, listen to music or make orders. This new service saves space and looks even nicer than its boring predecessor!

Of course, your Sim doesn't have to worry. The collected data of your Sims will not be stored or used against them ... we um promise you that.

The Sims 4 DASSA Smart Speaker by DerShayan

It was about time that I create my own Home Assistant for the game.

You can download the new object and others on my Custom Objects page or go directly to the post on my Patreon. More detailed information about the object and the installations instructions can be found in the enclosed readme file.

Have fun! I hope you enjoy it.

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