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Del Sol Valley Fanart Map available now!

Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2020

The new year begins and I wish you all good luck, health, success in your projects and a lot of beautiful moments in these 365 days. To start the new year well, we have some good news for you right at the beginning: The Fanart Map of the world Del Sol Valley is now available!

NoirSims has again managed to create a really nice world map and has also listened to cool ideas from you (for example the small promenade on the beach). At this point I would like to give proper respect again. His work is unique!

We have also worked on a few small mistakes and designed the maps in more detail. In San Myshuno some corrections were made and I tried to solve the problem with the "wobbly" apartment houses. On the map of Brindleton Bay the cemetery for our beloved pets has been added.

phew, no more wobbly houses and finally stable foundations! Now I can also bury my sweet cat Kitty, she's starting to stink.

Have fun with the maps and have a great year 2019!

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