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100k Downloads and 2 new Fanart Maps!

Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2020

Your interest in the Fanart Maps is growing from time to time and more people are becoming aware of our creations. We are very happy that you like them so much and that you continue to support us so actively. If we add up all numbers of downloads of the individual world maps, we get more than 100 thousand downloads. That is unbelievable!

The Sims 4 Forgotten Hollow & San Myshuno Fanart Maps by NoirSims & DerShayan

We are very happy to present two new maps from the spooky world of Forgotten Hollow and metropolitan San Myshuno. This time it wasn't quite as easy as usual because the map consisted of many individual parts. That had made our work a little more difficult. But in the end we made it.

The two new fanart maps will be available for your game today. Just visit the Fanart Maps page and download it. Thank you very much for your support!

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