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Your Feedback and new Fanart Maps!

Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2020

Now it's been almost a week since NoirSims and I released the first Fanart Maps for The Sims 4. Meanwhile we have reached more than 30 thousand downloads. This is a very big achievement for us and we are very happy about it. We thank everyone who supported us, no matter if YouTubers, Fansites, Bloggers or normal Simmers. Every single one of you is amazing!

Your enthusiasm is a great motivation for us and of course we will continue to work on this project. But this is not the only news for today. We would also like to announce that 3 more Fanart Maps will be available for your game today. Just visit the Fanart Maps page and download it.

NoirSims is already working on new maps and I'm working on converting them all into the game as fast as I can. But please be patient. We want to take the time we need so that it will be nice and we can offer you the usual good quality. Stay curious and look forward to the coming time.

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